Rental Scheme

When a child begins their musical education, there is a temptation for parents to purchase an inexpensive instrument, as they are not certain of their child’s commitment, or concerned a larger instrument will need to be purchased in a short space of time.

‘Nurturing Musical Talent’

It is our passionate belief that anyone keen to play an instrument of the violin family should have the opportunity to do so on a good quality instrument.  We often use the analogy of learning to drive a car; you don’t have to have a Rolls Royce, though you do need a car that has all its components working well.  It is no different with the violin family, as an instrument that has not been properly set up will be very hard to tune, let alone play, and be generally discouraging.

Approved by many teachers, schools and conservatoires, our popular rental scheme is ideal as we provide a complete improved range of sizes from 1/32nd through to full size.  Instruments can then be exchanged at any point free of charge when a current size has become too small, or upgraded to higher grade of quality in line with a student’s progress.

Our Instruments

All violins, violas, and cellos are carefully prepared in our workshop to ensure that they are set up for ease of playing, and reach their maximum potential.  They are fitted with good quality strings, and come complete with a bow, rosin, and case.  To cater for all abilities and budget, over the last twelve years, we have developed a range of instruments with various different grades of quality, from a range of good handmade contemporary instruments, to French, German, & English antique instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages in renting from T A Craig?

  • We pride ourselves on providing the same professional set up for our rental instruments as is given to our top range instruments for sale
  • The top quality set up ensures the instruments are easier to play and maintain, meaning a more positive learning experience
  • After the initial three month’s rental, you can leave the scheme at any point.
  • We will provide a bespoke measuring service to ensure your child plays on the correct size
  • We are here to help answer any questions, and will even help you tune your instrument if you are experiencing problems

How much does it cost to rent?

Sample prices:

Violin – From £30 + VAT per quarter*
Viola – From  £60 + VAT per quarter*
Cello – From  £80 + VAT per quarter*

The prices above reflect our starter outfits.  We are pleased to provide a wide choice of higher  quality  instruments to meet the individual needs of our customers.  Please enquire for more details and prices.

In addition to the rental costs, all instruments must be insured with Allianz Musical Insurance, and we can provide details for this.

*A  refundable deposit, equal to the sum of the first quarterly rental is also required.

How do I pay for the instrument rental?

Your first quarter payment, plus deposit, will be taken in the shop when you collect your instrument.  After this, you are required to set up a standing order with your bank so that each quarterly payment is received directly into our account.  You will receive bank details to enable you to do this.

What do I do if my child outgrows their instrument?

When your child is ready to change to a larger instrument, we will change this at no extra cost and will happily provide the same measuring service that we offer at the beginning of the rental.

What happens If my son/daughter has an accident with their instrument?

Contact us in the first instance, and we will either repair the instrument or supply a new one.

Please do not attempt to repair the instrument yourself, or take it to any other workshop other than T A Craig.

What happens at the end of my rental term?

If you would like to purchase an instrument, either the one you are renting or a different instrument, we will deduct one quarter’s rental from the sale price.

If  you no longer wish to continue renting the instrument, simply return the instrument ideally by the end of your current quarter.